About Me

Welcome. My name is Tim Chaize and I am business professional at a leader in the retail industry. I am also attending the University of Nevada at Reno to procure my MBA with an emphasis in supply chain management. I recently attended a class on social entrepreneurship and have become interested in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and how to make a positive social impact. I will be graduating with my Master’s in May and hope to put it to great use and create a ripple of effects, whether it be from a corporate viewpoint or by informing others of why social entrepreneurship can be an immense resource.

I’ve always been a person that recognizes efficiencies and I’ve tried to apply that to my education, occupation, ideas, and other endeavors. I guess that’s why supply chain management and logistics is so appealing to me. And why my take on CSR is one that benefits all parties. I feel that the adage “Worker smarter not harder” is something to live by and that everyone should incorporate into theirs.

My occupational ventures are my main source of fuel towards changing the corporate world. I have witnessed businesses taking little or no action to help the planet, let alone help themselves. For my purposes, I hope that I can sway the view of those in power to help their businesses grow sustainably and impact the world in a positive manner, whether it be by efficient practices or philanthropic actions. I just want to make a mark by helping business decrease theirs.

Outside of my occupation, education, and efforts I try to stay healthy by eating healthy and working out. I enjoy the company of others and a good conversation. I partake in both volleyball and basketball on a regular basis and always look forward to the start of football season so I can draft a fantasy team. Follow me on Twitter @timchaize and I hope you enjoy my blog.


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